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Rent your computing power from OJCO IT

Jun 22, 2020

Does your company need server capacity to install software? Do you want to rent computing power instead of owning your own server? At OJCO IT, you can do just that. You access your data via the internet, and all traffic goes through our NGTP firewalls. OJCO has three data centers in two locations in Sweden, Helsingborg and Växjö. If you rent your computing power from OJCO, we offer you:

  • Leased capacity where you can scale up/down as needed.
  • Possibility to replicate to secondary data center.
  • Two incoming internet connections, which means that if one should go down, there are more servers/backups to trust.
  • Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP) protection in firewalls.
  • Assistance with monitoring and maintenance. OJCO helps you monitor systems, hardware, software and more and we maintain everything from hardware to the data centers being updated.

Take care of your data and do not let unauthorized people access what is not theirs. In today’s digital society, it is required that the data used is secure and that personal data and other information do not reach out to unauthorized people. At OJCO, you are guaranteed the most secure IT protection and also the protection required by the GDPR Act. We are here to secure your data, get in touch with OJCO IT today!