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Ransomware is an attack that encrypts files or entire hard drives and then demands a ransom from the victim so that he or she can access his or her files again. The purpose of the attack is blackmail by the hackers taking files hostage via encryption and uextorting the user for a ransom Usually, this ransom must be paid in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. You can protect yourself with the help of a firewall, antivirus, email protection, staff training, but something that is extremely important is also a backup solution.

The 3-2-1 strategy is a useful solution and a great protection against ransomware attacks. It means that there must be:

  • 3 copies of company data – 1 main copy and 2 backups.
  • 2 kinds of format on media. OJCO IT save the backup on 2 different operating systems in 2 different locations, at the same time as the backup becomes unchangeable and can not be changed or removed for a certain period, which applies to each new backup. No access information to the storage space is saved on the backup server, that means that if the backup server is exposed to an attack, this means that the storage space is completely independent and is not exposed.
  • And finally, 1 backup that is completely isolated from the corporate network. A very secure way is a tape backup where you regularly save data on a tape at regular intervals which is then stored in a safe place inaccessible by unauthorized persons.

You can prevent ransomware attacks with the help of our ransomware backup! Get in touch with us today.

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