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irewalls are needed by all companies, it is the first step towards a safer infrastructure. A firewall is something that needs to be maintained, it needs service and overhaul continuously, which can be time consuming, expensive and requires good expertise. An intrusion usually occurs due to firewalls with outdated software or an integration error. When you choose OJCO IT:sfirewall solutions, you know that your firewall (s) are always up to date and maintained to keep threats away. All Next Generation Threat Prevention products are centrally controlled. The security products can be used both in the IT environment at your workplace and in outsourced environments, and both as individual units or in their entirety. At OJCO IT, we like freedom of choice, so you decide for yourself whether you want to buy NGTP roducts or rent them for longer or shorter periods.

OJCO IT can also provide you as a customer with “Firewall as a service” where technical expertise is included and you do not have to tie up. In addition to the firewall protecting your business, we help you support and maintain it.

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