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Firewall as a service

Price for firewall as a service varies depending on the need and size of the organization. Please send a quote request if you are interested in the service.
Fill in your name, email address and a short description of what you as an organization are looking for.


irewalls are needed by all companies, it is the first step towards a safer infrastructure. A firewall is something that needs to be maintained, it needs service and overhaul continuously, which can be time consuming, expensive and requires good expertise. An intrusion usually occurs due to firewalls with outdated software or an integration error. That’s why we at OJCO IT have a “firewall as a service”, where technical expertise is included and you do not have to tie up. In addition to the firewall protecting your business, we help you support and maintain it. e help you control/limit traffic, create safe connections and telework in a safe way.

With OJCO IT as an MSP partner, you get FortiGate, the most installed firewall in the world, at the best price and performance.

Basic services included:

  • Access to technical expertise.
  • Maintenance and overhaul, making the system updated and functional.
  • Backup of settings.

It is also possible to adapt the service to your specific needs.

Contact Ove with questions and for price suggestions: