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Backup for Teams, Outlook etcetera.


WithOJCOs backup for Teams, Outlook, SharePoint and Onedrive you ensure that all documents, files, chats, emails and more are never lost. Microsoft is not responsible for the loss of your data, therefore everyone should invest in a third party backup. Human mistakes happen, things are deleted, but with OJCO IT’s backup for Office 365, no data is lost. This security can be yours from SEK 117 a month.

What Microsoft can do in the form of recovery:

  • Recover files, emails, documents for a limited period after they have been deleted by a user. (Up to 30 days)
  • Restore Sharepoint pages (but without choosing which content to restore, microsoft will overwrite the entire page)

What Microsoft can’t do, but which can be achieved with Veeam For Office 365 from OJCO IT

  • Recover deleted files and documents after 30 days
  • Reset a mailbox to a specific date
  • Restore Microsoft Teams
  • Restore from a detailed backup on a specific Team, specific channels in a team, folders,subfolders and files as well as chat history and even settings for a specific team.
  • Restore page content, users’ folders and files, tables, etc. within Sharepoint
  • Restore access to files, documents, emails, etc. even when Microsoft is unable to deliver its services or if the organization is locked out of its own Office 365 organization.

Contact Ove with questions and for price suggestions: or 0705-911638