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Place your server better

Jun 24, 2020

Does your company have its server located in a scrub, an archive or something similar? Then you should contact OJCO IT.

OJCO places your server in a safer and more secure place. Placing a server in a scrubber or other room, where ventilation is not top notch, can lead to overheating and data loss. If you set up your servers at OJCO IT, we offer you:

  • Colocation and infrastructure with UPS, cooling and shell protection. UPS means that OJCO has battery backup in case the power goes out. Then OJCO’s servers work as usual. Our servers always keep a cold between 16-19 degrees. The electricity used is renewable energy and comes from Öresundskraft, which means that our customers make an environmentally conscious choice with OJCO IT.
  • Possibility to replicate to secondary server hall.
  • Two incoming internet connections, which means that if one connection should go down, it will switch to another connection.
  • Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP) protection in firewalls.
  • Assistance with monitoring and maintenance. OJCO helps you monitor systems, hardware, software and more and we maintain everything from hardware to the servers being up to date.

Make a smart choice and put your servers at OJCO IT. Do not let your servers overheat and do not take the risk of losing your data. At OJCO, you are guaranteed the most secure IT protection and also the protection required by the GDPR Act. We are here for you and your business! Contact us today and we can discuss more.