OJCO Security CheckUp 

Discover the risks within your IT infrastructure with OJCO Security CheckUp

Today we live in a  very online world and work from places and units we have never worked from before. We are constantly connecting to different network services, and cloud solutions, from different devices and environments. In one second, we transfer sensitive data and information from our mobile, and in the next, we switch devices to transfer sensitive data via, for example, a computer or perhaps an iPad.

When working with accessible and sensitive data in different cloud solutions, significantly higher demands are placed on IT security than before. Not having control over what information and data passes through the company’s devices and networks when users connect to different cloud solutions can have devastating consequences for your business.

OJCO Security CheckUp

OJCO Security CheckUp

Each connection is a security risk of cyber intrusion or loss of sensitive data if you do not have full control of all the company’s devices and what they do online. That is why we have developed the OJCO Security CheckUp service in collaboration with one of the world’s largest suppliers of IT security solutions. By doing a Security CheckUp, you discover the risks in your IT security solution before it is too late.

OJCO Security CheckUp is a full-scale scan of your company’s data traffic over a period of time. When the scan is completed, your data traffic is analyzed from a security perspective by IT security specialists. When the analysis is completed, OJCO presents a protocol of events and discovered risks in the scanned traffic. If we discover security deficiencies, a proposal for a decision basis with appropriate security measures for your particular company is submitted at the same time.

By conducting a Security CheckUp, you get a complete analysis and an impartial risk analysis of what the IT security situation looks like in your particular company.


OJCO Security CheckUp can be performed in two ways: 

  1. A complete scan of all connections to your cloud services.
  2. Complete scan of the company’s internet services. 
Do you want to know more about our service OJCO Security CheckUp, and how this can give you a complete picture of how IT security works in practice at your company? Contact us, and we will happily to tell you more.


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