Next Generation Threat Prevention

Secure the infrastructure in your IT environment. At OJCO, we have been working with Next Generation Threat Prevention’s safety products for a long time. With NGTP we know that your data is secure! IT security in the best way.

NGTP is an advanced firewall technology that analyzes all data traffic to prevent cyber attacks and intrusion attempts. Our IT security products are available for the entire infrastructure, with centrally located firewalls at OJCO as well as firewalls at your workplaces. In addition, NGTP is supplemented with Endpoint clients for laptops as well as protection for mobile phones and tablets.

IT-Security OJCO

Firewalls to secure your IT

Having updated firewalls is a necessity to protect your data and business from cyber threats.
When you choose OJCO’s firewall solutions, you know that your firewalls are always up to date and maintained to keep threats away. All Next Generation Threat Prevention products are centrally controlled. The security products can be used both in the IT environment at your workplace and in outsourced environments, and both as individual units or in their entirety. At OJCO, we like freedom of choice, so you decide for yourself whether you want to buy the NGTP products or rent them for longer or shorter periods.

Do you want to know more about how you could get better IT security in your business? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how we work to protect our customers’ data.


Secure hosting is the foundation of a stable IT infrastructure. At OJCO, your data is secure. We take care of all of the technology, so you can focus on what you are best at!


Protect your data. At OJCO, we have been using Next Generation Threat Prevention’s safety products for a long time. With NGTP we know that your data is secure


Lost data is the biggest threat to your business. At OJCO, we have been experts in backup and replication of company data since 1999. Our experience. Your security!


With OJCO CloudConnector, your data is always available. Anywhere, anytime, and from any device! We offer IT solutions for both small and large businesses.


OJCO offers smart and server-based systems. Our dedicated staff offers IT services and support around the clock, all year round. With OJCO, your IT is safe.