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IT security in a small company

About the project

Period: Autumn 2017
Customer: Small business
Subject: Small and large – all sizes of companies need to think about their IT security

One misconception is that IT security is something only for the big giants to think about. But, imagine that all your information as a one-man company disappears, it would be an understatement to call it a disaster!

What we helped the customer with

During the autumn, we helped a small customer with 8 users to centralize and secure the IT environment.


During the autumn, we helped a small customer with 8 users to centralize and secure the IT environment.
In the past, they have worked decentralized at their own workstations and had difficulty sharing files and programs while security has been difficult to oversee.

We at OJCO were commissioned to review the business to come up with tangible solutions and tips. We interviewed the staff and quickly understood what we were going to suggest.
The customer now rents an RDS server from OJCO, which they connect to. All software is there and all files are now saved there.


There are many benefits to this both in terms of user and security! Today, all files are saved in one place and we at OJCO take care of backup and maintenance of the system. The user can connect to their virtual desktop from any device that has an internet connection. The server is protected behind OJCO’s secure “Next Generation Threat Prevention” environment and all downloaded files are scanned with the best protection on the market.
In terms of security, there are also great advantages as no files are stored on the workstations. If a computer is stolen or lost, no important data is lost. Something that will become even more important with the introduction of GDRP in the spring of 2018, the law that says that it must be possible to ensure that personal data does not end up in the wrong hands.


It is not enough to secure the company’s IT and adapt the systems according to all rules, the customer gets space to do his job and focus on it while OJCO takes care of the rest.