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IT security and Covid-19

Feb 17, 2021

The corona pandemic is not over, maybe not for a while. It is still important to review the work with IT security. The majority of all companies that can, let their employees work remotely and the teleworking may continue even when the pandemic is over. It is crucial how you as a company act on these new challenges. Criminal actors take advantage of the fact that more and more people work from home and security gaps become larger when norms change.

This post will address three key areas for reducing cyber security risks that follow Covid-19:

Secure your telework

Is the network as secure at home as in the office? These are questions that all companies that have employees at a distance must ask themselves. Invest in an IT solution that makes working at home as secure as in the office. Make sure the systems used are up to date and implement regular security checks.

Continuity in your work

It is important to actually set aside time to take care of safety functions and to plan the work in order to maintain its protection against the outside. Keep track of who is eligible for which systems. Take regular backups and make sure they can actually be reread. Monitor the parts of the system that may be critical for safety.

Prevention against criminal actors

Above all, it is about educating your employees to be able to see the difference between, for example, a real email and a phishing email. Educate their employees on how to work actively to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. This applies to all departments within the organization, the cyber attacks can take place in different ways at different departments, make sure that this is noticed! It’s about securing the inside to the outside.


It is not difficult to secure your organization properly. It is more important than ever to ensure that the entire business is secured, not just certain parts. Secure your IT environment today! Contact us before it’s too late!