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Is your business prepared for home office?

Aug 17, 2020

It’s no secret to all of us that Covid-19 has been rough on a lot of companies. Not least when it comes to having to have their employees work from home. But this has also opened doors for completely new cyber threats to businesses. IT-security from home is far from the same as it is in the office, which many businesses do not think about. There are more distractions at home and there is a risk that you are not as attentive as when you are sitting in the office. And the question is whether home office will continue when the Corona pandemic is over or has calmed down. A change in working methods is required for many businesses to be able to be confident in that IT security at home is sufficient.

But working from home is not just about having good IT security. It is also about the working conditions at home being equal to those at work for the employees. This in the form of proper chairs, tables, make sure that no accidents happen, etc. During the pandemic, it has in many cases become a requirement from employers that their employees must work from home. But the employer is always responsible for ensuring that the work environment is satisfactory if the job from home is a requirement.  

In the physical workplace, ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable tables and standing mats are usually available. In many cases, this is a must to avoid stress injuries and health risks. These tools are usually not available to the same extent when working from home as in the office. If the home office is for a shorter period, it usually does not entail particularly great health risks, but if work from home is required for a longer period, these tools should also be a requirement at home. But how should employers keep track of this? In these cases, home visits are required to ensure that their employees have the right working conditions from home as well. What will happen if the pandemic extends over several years? And what will happen if Covid-19 is defeated? Many surveys show that home office is preferred by employees and companies may need to adapt and introduce the “new normal” which means more work from home for their employees. What does your business do to have good IT security and good working conditions when working at home?

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