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How you’ll get secure passwords

Jan 5, 2021

Do you have the same password for all or many services? Do you often forget your combinations? Take a look at our tricks!

Passwords must be unique, personal and long. It is extremely important for you and your business that they are safe and difficult to access. But there are many who are careless, and it’s more important than you think. Do not worry, with our tips you’ll remember all the combinations you use, even if you have different for all services.

Remember not to use personal or telephone numbers, your name, pet name and such. But a good trick is to use special characters, such as # €% &!?. Use both UPPERCASE and lowercase letters as well as numbers. And try to make a long password, the longer the better, if you still follow our tips of course. And most importantly, they should be different for all the different services you use, do not use the same password twice!

Do you panic that you will forget them? Caaaalm, we have the trick. Think of a base password. For example, if you use “password” as a base, you can modify this according to which service it refers to, “SpotPasswordIfy#27” maybe? You can also exchange letters for special characters that are similar to each other, S for the dollar sign, o for a zero, and so on.

Other tips to make your password secure:

  • Use a password manager.
  • Use 2-step authentication.
  • Never give out your passwords.

Passwords are personal and important, do not let them get in the way, keep them to yourself!

Contact us if you have any questions, we can answer most things!