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Do you need answers to questions? Below is a list of the most common questions at OJCO

Shortest contract period?

Depending on the product/service in question, the minimum contract period is 1 calendar month.

Can you be connected to other suppliers if you are connected to OJCO's services?

Yes, OJCO can also be used as a support for secure connections to other suppliers’ products/services.

Does OJCO have proactive services that increase time and reduce support costs by reducing the need?

Yes, OJCO provides proactive services with a focus on the person in question.

Does OJCO need to reach out to the customer to support remedy deficiencies?

OJCO solves most support needs/The error reports with the provision of so-called distance / support clients.

What is a RDS server?
Easiest explained is a virtual desktop where you install your programs and save your files. You can access the desk from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Everything you put on the desktop is protected with NGTP firewalls and we back up all content.
Why is an RDS server at OJCO more secure than working locally on your computer?
With the RDS server, you get central management/storage of the company’s programs and files. You do not save data on the workstations. You will not be dependent on any specific workstation. If a workstation is stolen, no sensitive data will be lost. The RDS server is located in a secure environment protected by NGTP firewalls.
What do I need to connect?
You need an internet connection and there is no requirement for a high bandwidth. It is just as easy to connect inside as outside Sweden.
From what can I connect?
You can use any device that has an RDS client. I Windows är den inbyggd som standard. For Mac and phones/tablets, the app “RD Client” is available to download for free.
What is Zero-days?
Zero days are viruses that are still not detected that traditional virus protection does not find. Today it is easy to take an existing virus and make a little change that changes the structure and becomes a “new” undetected virus. The only protection against Zero-days is the Sandblast technology.
What is SandBlast?
Sandblast is a technology where you test run files in a “virtual” environment to find out if the file contains malicious code before the file is delivered to the user. The process takes place in the background without the user noticing.
Are OJCO's servers located in Sweden?
Yes, we guarantee that all data you put in our data centers is in Sweden.
We have different cloud services today. How do you handle that?
We connect the services in a secure way where you start from the RDS server.
How long has OJCO worked/provided Server-based solutions such as RDS/Terminal Server and Citrix?
For more than 17 years.
When did OJCO help a customer connect a Server-based/Citrix solution abroad with Sweden for the first time?
The first time was in 2002.
Has OJCO helped a customer set up a server solution in China?
Yes, the year 2007.
I need to log in twice to access my virtual desktop, why?
When logging in, you should use Internet Explorer and allow a plugin that appears at the bottom of the page. Then select “This is a private computer”. Then you only need to log in once.
I lose the connection to my virtual desktop very often for a short period of time, where is the error?
Before contacting us at OJCO, you should check if you have a stable internet connection. You do this most easily at or and keep an eye on your ping, it should not exceed 80ms.
It takes a very long time to log in, what should I do?
Make sure you have a stable internet connection. You do this most easily at or and keep an eye on your ping, it should not exceed 80ms. Contact OJCO if the connection proves to be stable.


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