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Cyber threats are today’s reality. Make safety work increasingly important!

Nov 23, 2020

The digital society we live in means that the majority of all administrative work is digital. Stop and think about what would happen to your business if all the data disappeared. Just as all assets in your business are important, data is an asset that also deserves attention and protection. Taking care of all IT security yourself in your business is both difficult and expensive and it often leads to a shift in focus from the actual core business. Let the help come from outside.

OJCO IT has for 20 years worked with IT security and helped many companies secure their IT environments. A satisfied customer explains how grateful they were that they put their IT with OJCO IT when their office burned down.

From the customer: “If we had not put our IT in the cloud at OJCO IT, I don’t know how this would’ve ended. Now we could be up and running before the fire was extinguished. We are extremely grateful that we had thought of that before. All companies should do the same!”

From an article: “The rescue was in the IT structure that the computer company OJCO International helped the company build.”

How prepared are you for the worst?

Analyze your threats, do a risk analysis

We live in a world that is constantly connected. We work in the office, on the bus, at home, in the restaurant, we work in places that were not possible before. We connect to a variety of network services and share data to right and left. Have you thought of that sensitive company information can end up in the wrong hands with these connections? Each connection poses a security risk of cyber intrusion and cyber threats or loss of sensitive data. A first step in the process towards a more secure IT infrastructure is to analyze what the threat picture looks like for your business. Analyze the events that take place in your business and in this way discover the risks you face. A Security Checkup at OJCO IT offers just that. Then your business gets a complete analysis and an impartial risk analysis of what the IT security situation looks like in your particular company!

How can businesses stay one step ahead of cyber threats?

Lost data is one of the biggest threats to your business. What would happen if your company was subjected to a ransomeware attack and the only way to get the company’s data back is to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the attackers? If you as a company had had a backup at OJCO IT, you would, in a few seconds, have restored all your data from our backup servers and you would have been back on track to work in no time, without having to pay a penny for criminal activity. If your computer is stolen, breaks down, or if your hard drive stops working, we are here to help.

OJCO IT helps many companies to secure and restore their backup. The data is encrypted with the highest security, before it is sent via the internet to our backup servers which are located in OJCO IT’s data centers which are secured against the next generation threat. The work done on a client, as well as all data in the company can be restored using a backup.

Having preventive safety work is an investment, not a cost! At OJCO IT, you can also click for a backup today. Make your first click here, into a more secure IT environment!

Choose the original when you invest in your IT business

We cannot point out enough how important it is for you as an entrepreneur to invest in your IT environment. Every day and every hour, everyone around the world is at risk of being exposed to cyber threats and there are many different ways to be exposed. Phishing, Distributed Denial of Service Attack, Ransomware, Botnet to name a few. Electronic attacks, fraud and cyber espionage against companies have become more common. A cyber attack has major consequences, information in your company is an asset and, like other assets, has a value that must be protected.

Invest in a complete safety package to secure your IT once and for all. A package that is adapted to your network needs and contains products from one and the same manufacturer, which gives you a complete solution regarding firewall, switch, wireless access point, these can be supplemented with licenses for client protection from the same manufacturer.

Let us help you on the way to a safer business. Do not let sensitive and important data fall into the wrong hands. Now, before it’s too late!