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Cyber attacks focuses on the human factor

Jul 3, 2020

Over the past year, cyber attacks have become more and more common. The most common form of attack, with 43 percent, is attempted hijacking of cloud accounts. But many of the attacks are made through human error, where employees inadvertently or intentionally leak information to a third party. 32% were exposed to attempted phishing, 30% were exposed to ransomware attacks, 29% were exposed to emails with fake users and 22% were subjected to targeted attempts to gain access to login information, according to a survey by Proofpoint.

According to Proofpoint “Human Factor Report 2019”, less than 1% of cybercriminals focus on system vulnerabilities. The remaining percentage focuses on the “human factor”: the instinct of curiosity and trust that leads friendly people to click, download, install, open and send money or data. In 2017, the most common attack was ransomware, but in the last 18 months there has been a clear shift towards information-stealing malware via social technology and humans. No matter what the means used for an attack – email, cloud applications, the web, social media or other vectors – actors repeatedly threatened the effectiveness of social technology that convinced victims to click on malicious links, download insecure files, install malicious software, transfer funds and disclose sensitive information. Whether the cybercriminals were economically or politically motivated, all attackers had one thing in common: an understanding of and a willingness to take advantage of the human factor.

Some tips from Proofpoint: 

  • Educate your users to be able to detect and report malicious emails.
  • Find solutions in case your staff would still click on a cyber threat in the form of an e-mail or similar. We deliver firewalls that detect malicious code in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with an IT security company that can help you deliver a solution and prevent any threats. OJCO IT offers complete solutions to make your data safe and secure.

OJCO IT helps in all situations. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals!

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