OJCO secures your backup and replication

Lost data is one of the biggest threats to your business and at OJCO we are experts in backup and replication of data since 1999. Our experience. Your security!

OJCO restores “lost” data from backups to our customers’ devices on a daily basis. It can be anything from a computer that has been stolen, or broken, to hard drives that have stopped working for various reasons.

Many of our customers have discovered that preventive safety work is an investment, not a cost.

Backup and replication

Reduce the risk of downtime

OJCO helps many companies to secure their backup and replication, then your data is encrypted with the highest security, before it’s sent via the internet to our backup servers which are located in our data centers.

Replication is an identical reflection of your existing server. With a replication solution at OJCO, the risk of downtime is significantly reduced. In the event of a downtime on your regular server, the traffic is transferred directly to your replication server, which means that you and your co-workers can continue to work just as usual.

The difference between a backup and a replication server is that a replication server cannot reload data and therefore does not replace a working backup in the event of, for example, disk failures, viruses or lost data. The replication server is rather seen as a cost-effective complement that ensures that day-to-day operations can continue immediately if a server is down.

Benefits with OJCO backup and replication

  • Backup and replication are securely stored in our three data centers.
  • All data stored in OJCO’s data center is protected by NGTP firewalls.
  • All stored RDS data is encrypted with 256 bit encryption.
  • Continuous routines ensure a functioning recovery.
  • OJCO handles maintenance and monitoring. Which frees up staff at your office.
  • OJCO continuously reports to its customers that backup works perfect


Secure hosting is the foundation of a stable IT infrastructure. At OJCO, your data is secure. We take care of all of the technology, so you can focus on what you are best at!


Protect your data. At OJCO, we have been using Next Generation Threat Prevention’s safety products for a long time. With NGTP we know that your data is secure


Lost data is the biggest threat to your business. At OJCO, we have been experts in backup and replication of company data since 1999. Our experience. Your security!


With OJCO CloudConnector, your data is always available. Anywhere, anytime, and from any device! We offer IT solutions for both small and large businesses.


OJCO offers smart and server-based systems. Our dedicated staff offers IT services and support around the clock, all year round. With OJCO, your IT is safe.