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5 tips on how you can increase your IT security

Jul 10, 2020

Tip 1!

– Do a risk analysis on your company 

Get help from an IT company to get an analysis of what your IT environment looks like today. Through a risk analysis or consultation on your infrastructure, you can get help with what solutions are needed to make your IT environment cyber-secure. This is always a first step in getting on the right track to secure your data. This is neither complicated nor difficult.

Tip 2!

– Two-step authentication 

Hackers today are very good at figuring out our passwords, without us noticing. It could be via phishing emails, that we have too easy passwords or an innocent link. Passwords are our identification on the internet and therefore require a lot of care. One solution to the password dilemma is two-step authentication, as the name indicates, this is a two-step validation. When you have entered your password on a platform or in a system, a message is sent to your mobile device where you can accept that it is you who has chosen to log in. This means that you need access to both your system password and your mobile device to be able to access your passwords.

Tip 3!

– Backup  

Make backups! Save your company data. In case of lost data, the easiest and best way to restore it is with a backup. Lost data can be anything from hackers, who expose companies to extortion programs where the company is extorted to pay a ransom to get data restored, to a building or office burning down or suffering a natural disaster. It is therefore also required that the backup is not in the same place as the company itself. The most common solution is to put it in the cloud.

Tip 4!

– Install firewalls 

Having installed and updated firewalls is extremely important for your business. A firewall acts as a filter between the internet and the computer. The firewall reviews, approves or excludes data and prevents intrusion attempts that could disrupt an entire business and its systems and applications. A firewall determines which network traffic is allowed to pass and what is considered dangerous. Next-generation threat-specific firewalls are designed to investigate and identify hazards at a more detailed level. This is a very good overall solution to avoid intrusion attempts.

Tip 5!

– Educate your staff 

Make sure that all your employees have received the same education in IT security and know what applies in the company. Set guidelines after the end of training that let everyone know what to do in the event of a possible attack and what to do to prevent it. For example, be careful about clicking on suspicious links, have different and updated passwords for all applications and so on. Much is about the skills and experience that humans need to be able to prevent cyber attacks in a business. It is required that all companies educate and help their employees to be able to protect their business.

These are five tips that can help you as an entrepreneur to secure your IT environment. OJCO IT can help you on all points.

  • OJCO offers consultations to map out what your infrastructure looks like today.
  • Password manager for secure password management.
  • Backup where data is encrypted before it is sent to our backup servers via the internet. Replication that is an identical reflection of your existing server.
  • OJCO IT has for many years worked with Next Generation Threat Prevention firewalls.
We hope to hear from you soon and we wish you a pleasant weekend at OJCO IT!