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2020’s worst password

Apr 27, 2021

As 2020 has come to an end, NordPasshas come out with the passwords that during the year 2020 were the worst and which have been the easiest to figure out and come up with. We have previously explained how you can do to strengthen your passwords. If your password should be on the list, be sure to read our second post and strengthen it immediately.

In place number 1 on the list is: 123456. This password uses over 2.5 million users and takes less than 1 second to figure out.

The following 9 passwords are:

Second place: 123456789
Third place: picture1
Fourth place: password
Fifth place: 12345678
Sixth place: 111111
Seventh place: 123123
Eighth place: 12345
Nineth place: 1234567890
Tenth place: senha (which means password in Portuguese)

It is important to actually spend some time on the passwords you use. How would you feel if your personal data got lost due to a weak password? It is so easy to make a few small changes to make the password strong and difficult to access.

NordPass has released the 200 worst passwords in 2020. Check the list to see if any of yours are included. Change it as soon as possible and follow our steps in our previous article. A strong password can be the key to a prevented cyber attack!