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10 tips from FRA for better cyber security

Aug 10, 2020

Cyber attacks have increased significantly during the pandemic that prevails in 2020, this is something that the Swedish Armed Forces’ radio station FRA has stated. Many people work from home where network security is not the same as at work. In some cases, the crisis has taken so much focus that IT security has been overshadowed. The attacks are constantly gaining new focus. Research, medical technology companies and organizations working with epidemiology have become new victims. But it is not just these organizations that are affected. Everyone can be affected, even the individual person. And the one who has the safest protection is last discovered.  

Debates that have been heard a lot lately are that Sweden is lagging behind in the area of cyber security. But many other countries are also lagging behind. Digitization is spreading a lot in Sweden today, which also means that there is more that must be defended. The more functions or applications that are digital, the more must be defended against cyber attacks and cyber security has not gone on at the same pace in Sweden as digitalisation. So what needs to be done? The biggest and most important factor is that competence in Sweden must increase. Education and skills among people are important. FRA also mentions 10 tips for better cyber security in its report:

  1. Install security updates as soon as possible
  2. Manage permissions and use strong authentication features
  3. Restrict and protect the use of system administrative privileges
  4. Disable unused services and protocols 
  5. Make backups and test if the information can be read back
  6. Only allow approved equipment on the network
  7. Ensure that only approved software may be run 
  8. Segment the networks and filter the traffic between the segments
  9. Upgrade hardware and software
  10. Ensure an ability to detect security incidents

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